If I were European Union

If I were European Union by Ahmed Necip YILDIRIM in Serazat.com
If I were European Union by Ahmed Necip YILDIRIM in Serazat.com

By Ahmed Necip YILDIRIM

European Union (EU) has been established over a two millennia of experience. After centuries full of wars, conflicts, blood, tear… European nations have been able to set aside all types of (at least explicit) antagonism and to establish a union based on cooperation.

An identity becomes meaningful only and only if there is a “we” and an “other”. In EU, without any doubt, Europeanness constitutes the “we” or “us”. The ever deepening construction of the European identity requires an internal cohesion and an external contestation vis-à-vis a relative other.

Who is the relative “other” of EU?

In the course of history, Turks have been the relative other for Europe. Turks have been the standard bearer of Islam and the words Turk and Muslim have been used interchangeably by the Europeans.

If EU neglects the identity dimension, it will become an ordinary economic organization.

Turkey’s EU membership will be a “farewell” to all philosophical and ontological principals for Europeans.

Turkey belongs to another civilization. In the Westernization process; alphabet, education, political system… and so many things have been modified in Turkey. But all of these changes are in the material world. The spirit is there: Just shining!

If I were EU; I were a European; I would do everything to keep Turkey out.

EU is a chance for Europeans. Who can deny the fact that EU is an island of peace, security and welfare for Europeans? As a EU I would not take any fatal mistake and spoil the harmony of my union.

As Turkey, we can coexist with Europeans, but we cannot simply be the same!

By Ahmed Necip YILDIRIM
(Originally published in Turkey Tribune)