Should the European Union Collapse? - Ahmed Necip YILDIRIM - Should the European Union Collapse - Ahmed Necip YILDIRIM - Should the European Union Collapse

By Ahmed Necip YILDIRIM

“Will the European Union collapse?” The economic crisis in European Union has made this questions so popular. So much has been writen and discussed in this regard.

No body can say for sure the EU will collapse or not. If we change the question in “Should the EU collapse” different actors might propose different answers: UK who has always been skeptical toward EU integration might not provide a clear “negative” answer to this question. Germany who has been allegedly expanding its sphere of influence under EU ambrella, will not probably be in favour of an EU collapse. In this way each EU member will have different stances.

It is quite obvious that EU is suffering serious “economic” crisis. This crisis, I believe, is an important test for the EU system as a whole. In the same way, in general, there are other problems in EU apart from the economic cirsis.
In my opinion, EU will emerge much more stronger and united from this crisis.

First and most important, European nations have suffured severe loses from the dividedness in history and especially in the last century. Disintegration will mean a rejection of all lessons learned from the long history that has been full of blood and pain.

Secondly, EU is not only an economic system. It is a complex political, economic, social and cultural system. A crisis in one field will not and should not necessarily nullify success in other fields.

Thirdly, as an institution, EU has gained an independent entity with an independent will which is above individual members. This will is already strong enough to overcome problems directed against the very existence of the EU system.

Collapse of EU will be collapse of commonsense.

A European map that will be like a patchwork of nations states will not serve any end and will not European nations more welfare, prosperity, peace and stability. Who would like to see the old “Balance of the Powers” days in Europe. Of course this is an analysis from a European perspective. Any approach from the outside of Europe can be based on a “divide and rule” mentality.

By Ahmed Necip YILDIRIM
(Originally published in Turkey Tribune)